Use this Flow Chart for your Graduated Response

Flow chart towards a graduated response to supporting children with Dyslexia-SpLD and literacy difficulties for classroom Teachers

This flow chart and template will provide an excellent scaffold for recording your graduated response to supporting children with literacy and dyslexic difficulties.

Description of Resource:

1. Flow chart to show graduated teacher response to emerging pupil need. This relates to preliminary in-class assessments (such as the advice given in the Phonics Screening Check - Responding to Results and in the TDA Lamb Materials Assessing Reading/Writing). Reference to Quality First teaching and appropriate classroom environment is also be made.

2. Template for recording details of in-school targeted interventions. This is intended to ensure that the appropriate intervention is chosen to meet pupil need and was delivered with fidelity. The template can also be used as evidence that a targeted intervention was utilised appropriately, but progress remains poor, suggesting the need for further assessment.

3. Next-steps signposting on using the Local Offer and Voluntary Sector to secure appropriate Specialist Assessment and Intervention. Follow the link on this page to the Dyslexia-SpLD Trust resource on the use of the graduated response and school funding to secure appropriate external provision. Graduated Response and School Funding Guides.

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