Use signs of difficulty to identify those with literacy and dyslexic difficulties

Look at these difficulties - identified through Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit

Addressing Dyslexia is a Toolkit for identification and support of learners with literacy difficulties.

What all teachers should know.
Use this resource with a colleague to think about learners in your setting.

Signs of Difficulty that should be noted
Most young young people will exhibit some of the signs of dyslexic difficulties. It is therefore important that we look for a cluster of characteristics which may indicate dyslexia and that we do not jump to conclusions prematurely when pupils show only one or two indications.

Dyslexic difficulties will be at different levels of severity, requiring different levels of response and intervention. Observation and detailed assessment will be required to identify specific strengths and development needs before any conclusions can be drawn.

This resource shows approaches to evaluating responses to graduated curriculum in Scotland, but the milestones and questions are all relevant. This resource will help you see how the focus changes moving up through phases of education.

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