Staged or Graduated Intervention

Steps to ensuring the needs of the child are met

Use a 3 Stage process.

Staged or Graduated Approach

At Stage 1 this should be part of Universal provision where your careful observation and screening are key.

At STEP or STAGE 1 when a concern is identified (A parent, teacher, early years worker or anyone involved with the child may draw attention to this.):

  • Check with parents/carers that their child has had the relevant health checks in relation to speech and language, hearing and vision. Identify interventions within the curriculum context , focusing on key areas within the appropriate level.
  • Personalise the child’s learning.
  • Involve parents in supporting the child’s learning. Avoid concern, particularly in the early years. Children's learning develops at different rates and dyslexia is difficult to identify positively before children start to learn to read, and later, there are other considerations that may need to be taken into account.
  • Break down the learning tasks.
  • Involve others who may be able to offer advice and/or help within the school setting (e.g. Deputy or Head Teacher, SENCO, appropriate Principal Teacher, Head of Centre)
  • Monitor and evaluate within ongoing cycles, and note progress in consultation with parents.
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