Investigate identifying learners with EAL experiencing literacy difficulties.

Investigate how to identify leaners in your setting that might experience dyslexia/SpLD in one language but not another.
(Dyslexia and Multilingualism: Identifying and supporting bilingual learners who might be at risk of developing SpLD/dyslexia.)

Read Part D.3. (Discussion) on page 102
Identify an EAL learner, in your setting, whom you feel is at risk of dyslexia/SpLD.
How much do you know about the learner’s background? Find out how this learner has responded to any interventions so far.
Discuss this learner with your SENCO if you still feel that this learner is at risk of dyslexia/SpLD, and together draw up a plan of action.
Suggested further reading (Particularly for FE settings) (Slideshow from the University of Arizona) (MFL learning)

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