Identify other sources of help - professionals within setting and externally

Identify professionals and further sources of help external to your setting that might act as a sources of second opinions for individual learners

You may like to use the following information from Wiltshire County Council as a starting point.


A range of services to support SEN pupils is available within the authority. The following is a list of those with key responsibilities. Further information about the way in which many of these services are managed and accessed is available through the SEN web pages.

• Central SEN Services

• Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

• Early Years Intervention Team

• Education Welfare Service (EWS)

• Educational Psychology Service (EPS)

• Hearing Impairment Service (HI)

• Learning Support Service (LSS)

• Physical Impairment Service (PI)

• Primary Behaviour Support Service (BSS)

• Social Communication Intervention Team (SOCIT)

• Special Educational Needs – Information Communications Technology Service


• Special Educational Needs Support Service (SENSS)

• Speech & Language Therapy Service (SALT)

• Visual Impairment Service (VI)


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