Dyslexia & Successful Inclusion in the Secondary School

Dyslexia & Successful Inclusion in the Secondary School. (Section 3, Chapters 7-17)

Increasingly dyslexia is becoming a whole school issue. The responsibilty for addressing the needs of dyslexic students no longer rests with one individual but is the responsibilty of all school staff - subject specialists, support staff and school management. This timely book addresses this need by providing specific guidance to secondary school staff on how to support dyslexic students within different subject areas and within the principles and practices of inclusion.

The book is in five parts: these are - implications for secondary schools; inclusion principles and practices; different subject areas; cross curricular aspects; and professional perspectives. Although this book is specifically aimed at the secondary sector, because of the inclusion theme it will also be very useful to primary teachers.

Peer L. & Reid G.
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Section 3, Chapters 7-17
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