dyslexia simulations for training purposes: Dyslexia for a Day- Writing Simulation

Here are 2 dyslexia simulations for training purposes:

Dyslexia for a Day- Writing SimulationH.264 –



Backwards text: simulation activity for training purposes.

Backwards text. This particular example is suitable for use in an HE setting or with teachers of English as a Foreign or Additional Language. However, the idea can be used with texts of differing complexity depending on the situation.


Read the text below and then answer the questions which follow:

seicnapercsid suomrone tcepxe thgim eno taht smetsys gnitirw tnereffid ynam os era erehT

seirtnuoc tnereffid morf sredaer of snrettap noitavitca dna noitazinagro niarb eht ni.smetsys gnitirw citebahpla-non naht rehtar citebahpla esu taht esoht yllaicepse –ni secnereffid egral fo etips ni ,serutluc lla nI .esac eht ton si siht revewoh, ylgnisirpruSralucitrap ni ,stiucric niarb ralimis yrev yb dessecorp syawla era sdrow nettirw ,mrof ecafrusylno htiw ,sredaer lla ni elor tnenimorp a syalp aera xobrettel laropmet-otipicco tfel eht.sretcarahc fo erutcurts lanretni dna epahs eht ot deknil secnereffid laminim



According to the text, what might be expected as a result of different writing systems?

Which part of the brain plays a major role in the reading process in all languages?

What are differences linked to?


There are so many different writing systems that one might expect enormous discrepancies in the brain organization and activation patterns of readers from different countries – especially those that use alphabetic rather than non-alphabetic writing systems. Surprisingly, however this is not the case. In all cultures, in spite of large differences in surface form, written words are always processed by very similar brain circuits, in particular the left occipito-temporal letterbox area plays a prominent role in all readers, with only minimal differences linked to the shape and internal structure of characters.

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