Developing links with other professionals

Develop links with a literacy specialist in your setting to discuss possible opportunities to work with learners with dyslexia/SpLD.

Using the information from the following sites to help you, identify a learner (in your setting), who, in your opinion, may have literacy difficulties/dyslexia SpLD . Arrange a meeting with a literacy specialist (in your setting) to discuss this learner. What are the literacy specialist’s recommendations with regard to teaching and/or testing this learner? Draw up a short action plan between you, which should include a planned future meeting to discuss progress.
You may wish to use the questions below as prompts.

Name of learner about whom you have concerns?
Why do you have concerns about this child?
Ability orally?
Ability when given written tasks ?
Wiilingness to read ?
Relationships with peers/staff?
Any other concerns?

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