Conducting Action Research

Identify a strategy for supporting a Dyslexic-SpLD learner in your workplace and conduct a specific Action Research project with an interested colleague. See Framework User’s Guide for suggestions on how to measure the success of you and your colleagues


You might like to choose from the following, or you may have ideas more relevant to your particular setting.

Homework – try assigning a ‘buddy’ to write down the dyslexic learner’s homework in his/her homework diary.  How does this affect the amount of homework attempted?

Copying from the board – try making each line of writing a different colour and ensure that your writing is well spaced.  How does this affect the quality of the learner’s copied work?

Seating – try seating the dyslexic learner nearer the teacher or a teaching assistant, so that help, when required, is easily and discretely available.  How does this affect the learner’s grasp of the content of the lesson?

Reading – try allowing a disaffected reader to listen to story tapes, instead of reading books.  How does this affect his/her enjoyment of stories and understanding of vocabulary?

Writing – try allowing the dyslexic learner to type an answer, or to record an oral response.  How does the quality of the content differ, compared to similar work, which has been hand written?


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