Accelerated Learning in the Classroom

Smith A. (1996) Accelerated Learning in the Classroom. The School Effectiveness Series. Network Educational Press Ltd

This is the first book in the UK to apply Accelerated Learning to classrooms: Based on new knowledge about how we learn. Turns theory into classroom practice Focuses on how learners learn. Applies to all learners. What the book covers: How to make greater use of the brain: how to use strategies to improve whole brain learning. Learn how the brain works in learning. Multiple intelligences: if pupils use their various intelligences to access and process information, the pace of learning can be increased and understanding deepened. Learning environment and self-esteem: how teachers can create a learning environment which promotes achievement. Using the BASIS model of self-esteem, it shows how to build and maintain self-esteem and a belief in success. Action points for your classroom: practical ways in which teachers can apply these theories to their own classrooms. Raising pupil motivation and achievement: strategies for helping learners fulfil their potential. The School Effectiveness Series Accelerated Learning in the Classroom is the first title in a new series of books which focus on practical and useful ideas for individual schools and teachers. The series addresses the issues of whole school improvement and new knowledge about teaching and learning and offers straightforward solutions which teachers can use to make life more rewarding for themselves and those they teach.

Smith, A.
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978 1855 3903
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