4. Concluding comments

The Literacy and Dyslexia-SpLD Professional Development Framework is ultimately a springboard. It acts as a focus for professional development of those individuals and organisations interested in continually improving provision for the dyslexic-SpLD learner and boosting literacy outcomes. It can identify strengths, themes for training and areas for growth. Perhaps even more importantly, it can act as a stimulant to discussion and dialogue amongst colleagues.

As part of the implementation period over this Academic Year (2011-12), this dialogue can also contribute to our understanding of the framework’s use in a variety of contexts. Whether as an individual; part of a school team; a lead school or training provider, we would very much like to hear about your experiences, particularly the impact the framework has had on achieving your CPD needs and its effects on improving the provision for your dyslexic-SpLD learners.

Dr. Amelia Roberts, Project Researcher

The framework can be accessed on The Dyslexia-SpLD Trust website:


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