Standard Test Course: Woodcock Johnson IV

Gain more information in less time! The Woodcock Johnson IV: Tests of Achievement, UK and Ireland edition is a world leader in assessment and highly suitable for monitoring academic progress, diagnosing difficulties, and planning intervention for reading, writing and maths. The Woodcock Johnson IV is on the SASC approved list for assessments.

The Woodcock Johnson IV is an assessment ‘toolbox’ and made up of 11 discrete tests that can accurately assess areas of reading, writing and maths in persons aged between 4 up to adult (aged 90+). The test is perfect for applying for access arrangements in the UK (25% extra time, reader and scribe). The test is approved by the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC) Skills.

Provider details: 
Evesham College
Davies Road
WR11 1LP
United Kingdom
Contact phone: 
07956 644 786
Course stage: 
Stage 1 - Universal
Course strand(s): 
C. Identifying and assessing dyslexia/SpLD
F. Professional development and dyslexia/SpLD
Method of training: 
Type of training: 
Non-accredited CPD
Contact email:
1.5 hours
Various Regions

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