Quality First Teaching: Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

An opportunity for teachers, teaching assistants, tutors and specialist teachers working with pupils in primary education who have a range of literacy skills. The benefit of quality first teaching for all learners, regardless of learning difficulties, are widely recognised. The aim of this course is to show how the tried and tested methods of managing the special needs of dyslexic learners, benefit all children. In the context of handwriting, grammar, punctuation and spelling it will consider 'what works' for the dyslexic learner and how the strategies can be transferred to the classroom to improve and embed quality-first teaching in your school setting.

Provider details: 
Evesham College
Davies Road,
WR11 1LP
United Kingdom
Contact phone: 
01386 712650
Course stage: 
Stage 1 - Universal
Course strand(s): 
A. Development of language and literacy
C. Identifying and assessing dyslexia/SpLD
Method of training: 
Attendance based
Type of training: 
Non-accredited CPD
Contact email: 
Day course
Various Regions

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