Phonology - Promoting the development of clear speech for phonic reading and spelling

A practical webinar where you will learn the hierarchy of the development of speech sounds and carry out an assessment from a sample of speech.

The objective is to understand when speech work intervention is needed and how you can embed phonology work into your phonic teaching as an inclusive approach to improve early literacy outcomes.

Target Audience
This webinar is suitable for preschool, primary and SEN professionals

Provider details: 
Evesham College
Davies Road
WR11 1LP
United Kingdom
Contact phone: 
07956 644 786
Course stage: 
Stage 1 - Universal
Course strand(s): 
A. Development of language and literacy
D. Teaching and supporting learners with dyslexia/SpLD
E. Communicating and working with others
Method of training: 
Type of training: 
Non-accredited CPD
Contact email:
Credits for course: 
1 hour
1 hour webinar
Various Regions

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