JCQ Exam Access Arrangements – Assessing for Mathematical Fluency

Assessing and understanding maths fluency is the JCQ requirement that secondary schools and Further Education Colleges will need to understand for this year’s regulations this course will help you to address this issue.

This webinar will examine the construct of mathematical fluency. Fluency with number is largely influenced by working memory and speed of processing efficiency. We will look at how this may present in the classroom in terms of typical and atypical behaviours, how fluency can be impacted by mathematics anxiety and how that can be managed, and how to investigate maths fluency efficiently in an EAA assessment.

Provider details: 
Evesham College
Davies Road
WR11 1LP
United Kingdom
Contact phone: 
07956 644 786
Course stage: 
Stage 1 - Universal
Course strand(s): 
C. Identifying and assessing dyslexia/SpLD
E. Communicating and working with others
F. Professional development and dyslexia/SpLD
Method of training: 
Type of training: 
Non-accredited CPD
Contact email: 
1.5 hours
Various Regions

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