Assessing for Dyspraxia/DCD in Adults

In June 2018 SASC introduced the Diagnostic Inventory for DCD (DIDA) for assessors and SpLD practitioners to identify a DCD profile in Adults. This workshop will provide an update in screening and assessing for DCD in adults and provide a review of latest research evidence
The Diagnostic Inventory for DCD (DIDA) reflects the evidence-based research needed to identify Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) profile within an adult.
The workshop will discuss the importance of using the DIDA to establish the longitudinal nature of motor coordination difficulties combined with the non-motor impact such as executive function difficulties; lack of attention; anxiety and depression.

Provider details: 
Evesham College
Davies Road
WR11 1LP
United Kingdom
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Course stage: 
Stage 4 - Specialist
Course strand(s): 
C. Identifying and assessing dyslexia/SpLD
Method of training: 
Attendance based
Type of training: 
Non-accredited CPD
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Credits for course: 
5 hours CPD
Day course
Greater London

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